TK263 – IBM Security zSecure Admin Basic Administration and Reporting

Durée : 3 jours
Prix Public : 2 100,00 € HT (tarif Inter-Entreprise)


This is an instructor-led course that provides basic introduction of the IBM Security Admin ISPF interface for customers who administer RACF profiles and generate basic RACF overview reports.

This course focuses on frequently used administrative functions, standard reports, and verification functions of IBM Security zSecure Admin. Gain experience in administering RACF profiles using the built-in functions and line commands that the ISPF interface provides. Learn how to report and review RACF profiles using the built-in functions and provided line commands. Verification functions that report RACF database inconsistencies are explored and demonstrated. The CKGRACF function is also described. Finally, you also learn how to produce customized reports, tailor the RACF installation data field, and define company-specific custom fields.


This basic-level course is intended for RACF administrators who use the IBM Security zSecure Admin ISPF panel interface. It is also suitable for RACF administrators, auditors, and compliance officers who use the IBM Security zSecure Admin ISPF panel interface, the built-in functions and commands to review and report about RACF profiles.


Before taking this course, make sure that you have a working knowledge of RACF. It is also recommended you have the following skills:

The ability to log on to TSO

Use ISPF panels to navigate TSO menus, use options, and run commands to view and manipulate output results

These skills can be obtained by attending one or more of the following courses:

An Introduction to the z/OS Environment ES05G z/OS JCL and Utilities ES07G
Fundamental System Skills in z/OS ES10G
IBM System z Fast Track ESZ0G

z/OS System Operators ES27G
z/OS Facilities ES15G
Basics of z/OS RACF Administration ES19G Effective RACF Administration BE87G


Introduce the IBM Security zSecure Admin tool

Select and review RACF profiles with the ISPF zSecure Admin panels and examine access control lists (ACLs) for resource profiles

Perform profile maintenance and use supported features to apply bulk changes

Review and maintain RACF SETROPTS options and Class Descriptor table (CDT) settings and maintain input files to control your IBM Security zSecure Admin session

Show differences for the same system over time or differences between different systems

Use the standard reports that IBM Security zSecure Admin provides

Produce user and group profile reports and compare users or groups side-by-side

Produce resource reports about various resources and defined access

Use the Verify options to report and resolve RACF database inconsistencies, and learn about CKGRACF

Define custom reports, customize Installation data, and define RACF custom fields


Unit 1: Run IBM Security zSecure Admin
Unit 2: Select and display existing RACF profiles Unit 3: Perform profile maintenance
Unit 4: Use Advanced options
Unit 5: Produce RACF administration reports Unit 6: Create specific user ID and group reports Unit 7: Create resource reports
Unit 8: Produce RACF management reports
Unit 9: Create customized reports