RN111 – Developing Mainframe Applications with IBM Rational Developer for System z (RDz) V9.0

Durée : 2 jours
Prix Public : 1 780 € HT (tarif Inter-Entreprise)


This course introduces using Rational Developer for System z for mainframe application development and maintenance, featuring hands-on work with COBOL programs, and DB2 and CICS technologies.


This intermediate course is intended for System z mainframe application developers.


You should:

  • Have prior experience working with z/OS, IBM OS/390, or IBM MVS systems
  • Use the COBOL language and understand COBOL syntax
  • Understand and develop simple job control language (JCL)
  • Understand basic Customer Information Control System (CICS) concepts and terms


  • Create and manage z/OS connections
  • Create, navigate, and edit z/OS projects
  • Develop COBOL programs
  • Develop BMS maps
  • Debug and troubleshoot COBOL programs and CICS applications using the IBM Debug Tool integration
  • Work with DB2 data and build SQL queries


  • Overview of IBM Rational Developer for System z
  • The Rational Developer for System z workbench
  • Connecting to a remote z/OS system from the workbench
  • Program analysis and advanced navigation
  • Work with DB2 data, coding and testing embedded SQL queries
  • Managing, editing, comparing, and reviewing programs
  • Debugging remote applications
  • Determining code coverage